Friday, December 8, 2017

Thursday, October 19, 2017


What happens when your plans don't work out? I'm a little lost ya'll. I'm a little stuck in my mind, allowing fear and doubt to cloud my judgement. I'm extremely hard on myself and extremely impatient. So enjoying the journey is hard for me but I understand that the journey is 90% of it. I feel like the wind was knocked out of my sails and I've been having a hard time recovering. I hate working without focus and ultimately I feel unfocused and without direction. What do you all do when you're in this place?

I posted on Instagram yesterday with this question and got SO many responses. I'm trying to focus in on the things that I enjoy that make me happy, breaking it down that way. So what do I love about blogging, why did I start? I love styling and fashion. I love creating images and being creative. I love empowering and inspiring people to be more confident, to build more self esteem and be bad bitches. What don't I like? The comparison, the industry of it, sponsored posts, ads, lack of financial compensation, number of likes/follows/comments as a way to measure value. I'm telling you miss me with this extra shit. I'm tired of it. Even typing that, I'm like mannn why do I keep this going? I truly love the creating of it. When I boil everything I'm passionate about it comes back to being creative and creating, story telling. 

I hope I'm getting closer to an answer. I think identifying the core things I love helps with clarity and focus. Also knowing what you don't like helps. Feels like a time to clean house (literally and figuratively as I just moved), reevaluate and regain a new focus. The extra shit doesn't serve me anymore.  

Puffer Jacket c/o ASOS
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Strap Heels from Steve Madden (old)
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


I'm officially moved into my new apt! Am I unpacked that's another question haha

I love this set from Wanderndaze  it's perfect for Halloween or a dope set just to own. Use the code TheBWord for a discount babes!

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Red Set c/o WandernDaze

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017


I have a very hard time letting go and trusting. I have a really hard time trusting in a path that I can only see a few feet ahead of me. I don't like driving without high beams and I don't like falling for someone I don't have full trust in but it never works out that way. Life continues on, if we trust or not. Life has been all over the place for me and I'm finding it very hard to trust the process. I like to know my next step now, I like to be comfortable with someone right away and I like to know. I feel anxious in grey areas or transitions and I'm sitting in a great, big "What's NEXT" transition. OOFH

When I have trouble trusting I think about the things I know for sure. I know I have the love and support from my family. I know I will be okay and I will always find my next step. I know I have to create. I finally know my worth. 

My lack of trust, doesn't allow room for a day off. I need to be doing the next thing and onto the next. My mom told me this story of a tea cup and a saucer. Your mind is a tea cup and information is tea, if you don't allow yourself a moment to focus, breath and experience life your tea cup will run over and spill. You need balance. I'm really working on it. I love, love, love working and creating but I also need to love and experience life. For a long time my cup has been overflowing. Taking a second to recenter, embrace the transition and TRUST. 

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Black Velvet Bodysuit c/o Wanderndaze
Hot Pink Fur from Isolated Heroes
Pink Heels c/o Fashion Nova

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Saturday, September 9, 2017


My people! My loves! My babes! What a summer. What an August. It has been INSANE! First off I love you all! Thank you all for supporting the #BEinyourskin challenge and the #BEinyourskin Plus Size Editorial Wall Calendar. I really love creating for you all and the response to the calendar has been intense and amazing!! 

I've been taking pictures but I haven't done a blog post in a minute. I wanted to put something up for you all. This outfit I threw together 5 minutes before shooting. It actually might be my new favorite. I shot this in front of the swap meet next to my house. I've been wanting to shoot here for sometime. This is my Rihanna, Wild Thoughts look a like wanna be haha

I try really hard. I want to be honest, I put 1000% in everything I do. So I burn myself out. Sometimes the things that just happen, with some spontaneity, can be the best. This is something I need to work on ++

Orange Top c/o Fashion Nova 
Floral Skort c/o DEBSHOPS

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

#BEinyourskin Plus Size Editorial Wall Calendar!

I'm SO excited to finally, FINALLY share this with all of you! Let's not keep secrets anymore haha! We've been working on this for a longgg time! Conceptualizing since last August, shooting for the last five months and in production for the last three, so FINALLY we're here! 

A 2018 12 month wall calendar featuring 18 plus size bloggers, models and bloggers. Each month features different women in a conceptional shoot! 

The #BEinyourskin Plus Size Editorial Wall Calendar is a celebration, it's a daily reminder that plus size, fat, curvy, thick, chunky bodies are good bodies and can be seen in an artful, editorial, fashion way. 


We created this project with love and I'm so incredibly overwhelmed by all the love and support. Thank you so much for understanding the vision and riding with me. You all have changed my life forever and this is for you. This is for the people who need this. This is for us. THANK YOU!

Brianna McDonnell (@_the_b_word_)
Kayla KamaileOhualalai Harris (@kamailexo)
Katie Winnen (@katieiswinnen)
Sashagai Renee Ruddock (@flawsofcouture) 
Jazzmyne (@jazzmynejay)
Jerae (@curvyology)
Coco Marie (@cocoscurvycloset)
Amanda Ramirez (@comptonsveryown_)
Cindy Pineda (@cidscloset)
Bri Nichols (@glamourpussbri)
Dandy (@damn.dandy)
Simone Mariposa  (@simonemariposa)
Candice Kelly (@candicekellyxo)
Charvelle Holder (@thecharvelle)
Erica Lauren (@theericalauren)
Francis Dive (@youmeandfashion) 
Maddie Silverstein (@chunkyandfunkymaddie)
Gia Narvaez (@thesassytruth_)
Nancy Adams (@positivelystylish) 

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Monday, August 21, 2017

The Celebration

I get caught up very easily. I work the majority of the time. I love my work but I need to take a minute to celebrate where I am in life. A deep rooted fear of mine, is waking up in the middle of my life and not being where I really want to be or having made decisions to a life I didn't love. An even bigger fear is working so much I didn't enjoy my life. 
What is the point of all of this if we aren't having fun?! What is the point of life if I'm not celebrating each day?! What is the point of life if I'm not celebrating others?!

This week, the last week of the #BEinyourskin 31 Body Confidence Challenge, is The Celebration! The Celebration of one's self, of each other, of our accomplishments, how far we've come, how far we want to go and of ourselves now. 

Celebration and gratitude breeds more blessings. An attitude of gratitude can only bring more greatness. Looking at your life as full and abundant of friends, family, love and support can only bring more of all of those things. We may not be rich in material things but we are rich in love, light, laughs. 

We live in an incredibly tumultuous sociopolitical time. We live in a time where history is being created. We live in a time where celebrating differences and appreciating each other is not priority. I encourage you to always think how you can include activism, kindness, compassion into your daily routine. If it's smiling more, being kind, connecting more with people, it can be as simple as that. 

The last week of the challenge I'm celebrating my journey with my body image and self confidence, I'm celebrating my professional journey because I work too damn hard not too. I'm celebrating all the beautiful, incredible, powerful, dope as fuck people who take #BEinyourskin and make it better! I'm celebrating the most badass tribe of people I'm lucky enough to call my friends. I'm celebrating the #BEinyourskin project dropping this week!!! I'm celebrating the #SUMMERTIMETING Party on the 26th! There is so MANY amazing thing to celebrate.

Thank you for an incredible month! We have so much more happening!! Here is a list of this weeks The Celebration activities, that will help you celebrate you, others and help you celebrate a positive body image:

1. Gratitude 

What are you grateful for in this moment? Slow down. What in THIS moment are you grateful for? Take a minute out of the day to appreciate something new. Try this for a week and you will feel changed. Any person is a FORCE in their field, Oprah, Tony Robbins, George Lucas, all say gratitude is the key. If you can't be grateful for where you are, how can you breath more positivity and blessings into your life. It won't happen. So take a breath, what in this moment are you grateful for?

2. Celebrate Yourself

You did! You've done it! You are here, in this moment. Enjoy! BABE you are incredible. You are outstanding. Please pat yourself on the back, give yourself a hug and treat yourself. I am a big fan of treating myself. Take a moment for self care this week. Please allow yourself to have a moment for yourself. You are worth it. You are enough. Self care, be it a massage, be it a movie solo, be it sitting and watching Insecure with a cup of tea, take that moment. 

3. Celebrate Others

Celebrate the people around you who make you. Celebrate the people who encourage you, support you, cheer for you. Empower them and celebrate them. 

4. Note to Self

I think about my younger self a lot. I don't know if that says something about me but I think what my younger self needed to see when I was younger. I think would my younger self be proud of me, where I am in life. Am I fulfilling all my dreams? Write a note, a letter to your younger self. What would you say? Write a letter of what you would tell your younger self. Write about how far you've come. Write about the good and the bad. The bad for me has always been a lesson. I've always been able to be grateful for the bad. I think this is a really powerful exercise.