Saturday, April 25, 2015


I honestly believe that life is 90% about your mentality. If you believe that you can't do something, you won't be able to.  If you don't think you're a BOSS why would anyone else. People from Walt Disney, Oprah, and Steve Jobs, genius in their fields, have all said that it starts with believing in yourself. I can't sit here and type that I always feel bossed up and that I believe in myself all the time, no. There have been many times where my own negative mentality, brought the whole situation down. I always look back to moments like that and realize that I'm the only one at fault and that's honestly not a cute look. Believing in yourself takes hard work and it's something I consistently work towards. 

I dress to feel a certain way and dressing gives me strength and confidence, it's like armor. So I decided to wear this flare leg jumpsuit and cobalt blue jacket. This jumpsuit is from a website that specializes in tall clothing for women, LEL, 34" inseam for the win.  

No one can stop you if you feel and look like a BOSS  

Jumpsuit: LEL
Cobalt Jacket with Mesh Details: City Chic
Metal Belt: Boohoo
Black Heel: Enzo
Earrings: Forever21
Spike Purse: Similar

photos courtesy of Logan Allison 

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