Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spilling Tea

Since starting this blog, I have always posted on Fridays but honestly I wasn't feeling it this week. I have been running around doing everything else and Friday came and went. I was bummed I didn't hold myself to the Friday posting schedule but I also never want to compromise quality. So I have a mini post this week. My grandma hosted a tea this week, filled with delicious tea and a large assortment of food; YES, we're Italian there is always lots of food. I decided to take a few shots of what I was wearing, so thanks Mom! 

I love this dress and I bought it from ASOS two years ago. I bought it because I loved the electric blue color and I needed a dress to perform in. I wear this dress on stage to sing jazz and musical theatre pieces. It has a vintage feel, amazing color and high slits. This dress gives me LIFE, for real. 

                                                               Till next week ++

Blue Bell Sleeved Gown:
Chandelier Earrings: Forever 21
Glitter Peep Toe Heel: Nordstrom  

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  1. You said you loved me... or were you just being kind? love love love!