Saturday, May 30, 2015


I have a confession to make, I steal my brother's swag. There I admitted to it. Sean will be very happy I finally fessed up to it. This "dress" is actually a long men's shirt from H&M. Both my brother and I were back in our hometown and he had this shirt, I tried it on and I needed to have my own. 

So aside from stealing my brother's clothes, I have always loved women wearing men's fashion. There is something about the cut of men's clothes that when put on a woman's body, just looks really dope and sexy. I've always loved women who wear men's suits, thank you Marlene Dietrich.

People get so caught up in the size of the clothes or the gender specific section they found something in. That is so limiting. There is a quote I heard that says, "Fashion is what you breath in and style is what you exhale". Making fashion work for your style is what is so fun about getting dressed. Anything can be styled to fit YOU, so don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to fashion because that's when it's the most fun!

 PLUS the more booty the better, right Mom?! Love you haha

Long Tshirt: H&M
Drop Earrings: H&M
Black Strap Heel: JC

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz  

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cotton Candy Dreams

I'm in the full summer mindset, despite my hectic schedule. All I want to do is relax in a pool, drinking something out of a pineapple while I look at cotton candy clouds. Those are my summer goals!

I found this fuzzy pink sweater at a thrift store and it was instantly giving me early Britney Spears vibes, so many outfit options. For this weeks post, I paired the sweater with a midi length skirt and a pink leather jacket for the full Pink Ladies, from Grease, effect. I'm excited to start dressing for summer. I'm sure I'm going to regret saying that when it's 106 degrees.

What are you all doing this summer? More importantly what is everyone going to wear??

Fuzzy Pink Sweater: Thrifted
Skirt: H&M
Pink Jacket: Torrid
Studded Oxfords: Bass Shoes

photos courtesy of Skye Privet

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Chill Wave

This week has been full of graduations, parties, and the beginning of new chapters. I have been graduated from college for a year now and I feel settled into adulthood. The growing pains of this last year have been no joke. Consistently posting every week, gives me something to look back at and gives me a good sense of how far I have come, even from starting this blog in January. A year ago I had $60 dollars to my name and a lot of confused feelings on where I wanted to take my life. This year has taught me so many thing but most importantly to always stay true to my vision and to live my life by my own rules. 

Congrats to any and all graduates! Let your journey begin

P.S. I made this jacket three years ago in honor of Alexander McQueen, one my favorite designer. I make a lot of my own clothes 

Fearless Jersey: City Chic
Black High Waisted Jeans: ASOS
Denim Jacket: Old Navy
Hat: Torrid

photos courtesy of Danny Guerrero 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Win Again

One of my favorite film fashion moments is the P.E. scene from Clueless, where everyone is rocking a black and white outfit. I was shopping with friends and I found this Black, Mesh Jersey and we all immediately thought of that scene. Instantly inspired to do a blog post playing off Clueless. 

I really like wearing sports bras under see through clothes, I feel like it adds an interesting shape and athletic feeling to the outfit.

This was such a fun outfit to wear and fun to shoot. If you're not having fun with fashion, honestly what's the point. If a high ponytail, scrunchies and a black/white cat eye isn't fun, I don't know what is. AS IF! 

Black Mesh Jersey: Torrid
Bike Shorts and Sports Bra: Old Navy
Earrings and Scrunchies: Forever 21 
Platform Sneakers: Similar 

Photos and Inspo courtesy of Danny Guerrero and Lisa Gardener 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Night of Theatre

Dressing up to go to the theater is one of my favorite things ever. I love glamour, gowns and a great show. There is something very old time glamour about going to the theater or opera and I'm here for all of it. Last week I saw Cinderella while it was here in LA. I had to pull out a formal dress and my best "glass" slipper for the occasion. This dress is a midi length on me because I'm 6'0 tall but I loved the open back and neck line. Also I love high slits, so I had to have this dress from Forever 21. 

Keeping the focus on the silhouette of the dress, everything else was simple. I wore my black Boohoo coat and my sparkly Enzo heels. 

Plunging Back Gown: Forever 21
Sparkly Heels: Enzo
Black Coat: Boohoo
Gold Earrings: Forever 21

photos courtesy of Logan Allison