Thursday, June 18, 2015


Okay, first off I love you. Secondly, where the hell have I been? This has been the craziest week. I traveled with a group of amazing people and we put on a musical, we toured a musical, that was HUGE. The whole experience was even more amazing than I could've imagined but I'm happy to be back and blogging. A lot of cool shoots and outfits coming soon (IM EXCITED)

I'm obsessed with the color burgundy and with skorts, this pair from Boohoo was err'thing! I've been thrifting a lot recently and loving it. This jersey was 99 cents, took a pair of scissors to it, BAM crop top. 

Let's fuck shit up this week! ++  

Jersey: Thrifted
Burgendy Skort: Boohoo
Nike Free Runs
Sunglasses: Forever 21

photos courtesy of Sean McDonnell

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