Friday, July 31, 2015


One more day till August and one more day till we start the #BEinyourskin 31 Day Body Confidence Challenge! I'm so excited to take a month and focus on being more body positive, confident in my skin and getting my mind in the right space. I always notice that if my mind isn't in the right place, everything else feels off. 

In spirit of body positivity, I wanted to wear a body con dress. You can't hide anything with a dress that's meant to hug your body. VBL stands for visible belly line. I decided to rock some VPL, something I'm not fully comfortable with but I said fuck it. Fashion doesn't have to be so serious, life doesn't have to be so serious. Take a deep breath, don't be so hard on yourself and keep rocking this shit out. Listen to your own advice, Brianna!


Body Con Tank Dress: Similar
Beige Fringe Heels: Steve Madden
Clear Link Chocker: H&M

photos courtesy of Danny Guerrero 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#BEinyourskin 31 Day Body Confidence Challenge

What does #Beinyourskin really mean? To me it means loving your body now, not waiting till you reach your goal weight or waiting until you've fit in two more workouts. Loving who you are in your body, flaws and all, now. 

I'm extremely passionate about self-love and body positivity, so in that spirit I created the #BEinyourskin 31 Day Body Confidence Challenge. I'm so excited about this challenge because it's not about changing your body physically, it's about noticing how your thoughts and your mentality effects your body image. By combating negative body talk, you are creating a space where only positive things can happen. 

Five beautiful, talented and passionate women took the pledge with me to take the challenge. We filmed a roundtable discussion about body image, body confidence and how that effects our lives, so look at for that three part video! I will be sharing it on here and on all social media. I'm so excited for you all to see that! It's amazing to see that everyone has similar experiences, you are NOT alone.

Please comment below if you want to pledge to taking the challenge! Follow us using the #BEinyourskin on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. 


Follow us (order of appearance in video): 

Brianna McDonnell @_the_B_word_
Monica Louise Bryant @m0brya
Stephanie Hoston @midnightmuse12
Grace Yoo @graceyloufreebush
Princess Eze @pezeofficial
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Thursday, July 23, 2015


I rarely wear jeans. I'm not sure if it's because I don't find jeans that I like or jeans that aren't long enough. When I found these flare jeans at Forever 21, I was in shock. High waisted, long enough inseam and no camel toe, PRAISE. 

I grew up in San Diego and the whole beach lifestyle is one of my favorite things to get back to when I come home. It's honestly feels like a breath of fresh air. I love living in LA but SD will always have my heart. Whenever I'm here my style changes. 

Crop top and jeans isn't my go to outfit but I'm trying to break my habits and any insecurities I have. I don't love my arms but I make it a point to wear sleeveless tops. I never want an insecurity to hold me back from fashion. 

Palm Crop Top: Forever 21
High Waisted Flares: Forever 21
White Converse All Stars
Gold Hoop Earrings: H&M

photos courtesy of Sean McDonnell

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stay Winning

I'm another year older and hopefully wiser. Today, 7/11, is my birthday. I'm really excited to spend some time with friends and family to breathe for a minute (+ celebrate me haha). I was having a tough week, until I started thinking back on my last year. I always like to reflect and figure out how I can become the best version of myself, around my birthday. I had to take a moment and check myself. HOLY SHIT this year has been crazy, stupid, and beautiful. I'm living a life I used to dream about and that's what really matters. If my younger self could see me today, I know I would be proud. I'm so grateful for this platform to share and inspire some of you to live confidently and achieve anything you set your energy towards. Thank you for all the beautiful, touching and hilarious messages from all of you! It's only the beginning! The B Word has a lot more work ahead.

So cheers to me and cheers to always trying, always slaying and always finding gratitude. We are here and we will STAY WINNING 

p.s. peep my new clip in extensions, 22", happy birthday to me from me

Grey Terrycloth Set: Forever 21
Nike Sneakers
Backpack: Similar

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz

Friday, July 3, 2015


Todays media showcases such a small percentage of humanity, that we are limited to one or two images of “ideal beauty”. Photoshopped to perfection, even the women in these photos are searching for an unattainable, unrealistic beauty ideal. Dove did a global study in 2011 and found that 72% of females, all ages, felt the pressure to be beautiful, while only 11% were comfortable calling themselves beautiful. 
My whole life I have struggled with not being what I saw on television, films, and magazines but I never let that define me. I’ve spoken to family members, friends and blog readers who feel like they are held back by their appearance. It shocks me when people I love and think are not only physically beautiful, but have a beautiful spirit, can not see their own beauty. It upsets me when I hear young girls, still in elementary school, talk about thigh gap. It saddens me when my friends don’t feel comfortable enough to go swimming or go to the beach in a swimsuit. These are the reasons I blog, to help other people see themselves in me and to have the confidence to love themselves, exactly as they are now. 

This swimsuit look book is for all of you and for the little girl in me who needed this at 12 years old. SO please love the skin you’re in, today, right now. Don’t wait to lose 15 pounds. Be unapologetically yourself and forget the noise. You got this!


Red Bikini Top: Addition Elle
Red Cutout Bottoms: Addition Elle

Black Zip Crop Bikini Top: Old Navy
Black Cutout Bottoms: Rebdolls

Reebok Zipper Scuba One Piece: Macys

photos courtesy of Logan Allison