Friday, July 3, 2015


Todays media showcases such a small percentage of humanity, that we are limited to one or two images of “ideal beauty”. Photoshopped to perfection, even the women in these photos are searching for an unattainable, unrealistic beauty ideal. Dove did a global study in 2011 and found that 72% of females, all ages, felt the pressure to be beautiful, while only 11% were comfortable calling themselves beautiful. 
My whole life I have struggled with not being what I saw on television, films, and magazines but I never let that define me. I’ve spoken to family members, friends and blog readers who feel like they are held back by their appearance. It shocks me when people I love and think are not only physically beautiful, but have a beautiful spirit, can not see their own beauty. It upsets me when I hear young girls, still in elementary school, talk about thigh gap. It saddens me when my friends don’t feel comfortable enough to go swimming or go to the beach in a swimsuit. These are the reasons I blog, to help other people see themselves in me and to have the confidence to love themselves, exactly as they are now. 

This swimsuit look book is for all of you and for the little girl in me who needed this at 12 years old. SO please love the skin you’re in, today, right now. Don’t wait to lose 15 pounds. Be unapologetically yourself and forget the noise. You got this!


Red Bikini Top: Addition Elle
Red Cutout Bottoms: Addition Elle

Black Zip Crop Bikini Top: Old Navy
Black Cutout Bottoms: Rebdolls

Reebok Zipper Scuba One Piece: Macys

photos courtesy of Logan Allison 


  1. When I was little, all I ever saw were bone-thin white girls with flowing hair and I wanted to be that. To hell with photoshop and trying to be something we're not. I love these photos, you're beautiful. :)

    1. Monica! Thank you for all your support (: I love you so much! I can't wait for August #BEinyourskin