Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stay Winning

I'm another year older and hopefully wiser. Today, 7/11, is my birthday. I'm really excited to spend some time with friends and family to breathe for a minute (+ celebrate me haha). I was having a tough week, until I started thinking back on my last year. I always like to reflect and figure out how I can become the best version of myself, around my birthday. I had to take a moment and check myself. HOLY SHIT this year has been crazy, stupid, and beautiful. I'm living a life I used to dream about and that's what really matters. If my younger self could see me today, I know I would be proud. I'm so grateful for this platform to share and inspire some of you to live confidently and achieve anything you set your energy towards. Thank you for all the beautiful, touching and hilarious messages from all of you! It's only the beginning! The B Word has a lot more work ahead.

So cheers to me and cheers to always trying, always slaying and always finding gratitude. We are here and we will STAY WINNING 

p.s. peep my new clip in extensions, 22", happy birthday to me from me

Grey Terrycloth Set: Forever 21
Nike Sneakers
Backpack: Similar

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz

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