Friday, October 2, 2015

Tequila Sunrise

It's so crazy how many memories clothes can hold for us. I made this dress when I was 17 years old and I still wear it six years later. I was having a disco birthday because I love the idea of the 1970's disco scene. I took inspiration from the seventies designer, Halston. I always have a fun time when I'm wearing this dress and it makes me feel confident. I say it's because of the color of the dress or the cut but it's really about the energy of the dress, the memories I have wearing this dress. I'm not talking about some crazy Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants shit but my orange DIY dress is one of my favorite pieces of clothes I've ever owned because of the memories I have in it. I was recently on a few day vacation and while I was away, I kept thinking about how life is about experiences. It's about working hard but taking the time to enjoy the moment. The people around you, the colors of the sunset, the laughs shared with loved ones, all of it is just for right now. I find the present such an interesting concept. Staying in the moment is something I'm really working on because I don't want to age and regret wasted time. So cheers to you and cheers to many more memories. Cheers to adventures, heartbreak and laughs; To fashion, to fearlessness and to making dreams a reality  

Orange Halston Inspired Dress: DIY
Brown Strap Platforms: Charlotte Russe
Temporary Tattoo: Similar

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz

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