Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#BEinyourskin Table Talks

Back in August, five friends and I took the #BEinyourskin 31 Day Body Confidence Challenge. I created this challenge to help people confront their insecurities and start loving the skin they're in today. Along with the 31 Day Challenge my girl group and I did a table talk about body image, self esteem, confidence, race, media, anything and everything. It was an amazing experience to get a group of women who I think are not only talented, hard working, influencers but beautiful people inside and out, to talk about their experiences with body confidence. It created a sense of community between us knowing that we had all gone through similar things. No one was alone in an experience and I hope you too can feel that. We all came from different backgrounds, different cities, but we all connected. This was the beauty of the #BEinyourskin challenge! I can't wait to bring it back next year, new and improved. Check it out!! I share my story about self confidence in Part Three

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Filmed and Edited by Brian Tran
Music by Princess Eze

Monica Louise Bryant @m0brya
Stephanie Hoston @midnightmuse12
Grace Yoo @graceyloufreebush
Princess Eze @pezeofficial
Skye Privat @skyeprivat

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