Friday, November 20, 2015

LA Winter

Okay so I like to look great but I like my bank account to look even better. I'm all about finding deals while maintaining fit and quality. Of course I understand if you pay $10 for a dress, you may not have it forever but you have balance out those pieces with quality pieces. Ballin on a Budget is my motto! This dress was $20 and I felt like I won the lottery haha
I found this dress at Q Fashion. Not a place I usually shop but I was just looking around for some Faspiration, if you will haha. I saw this burnt orange color and I was like who is you? Then I saw the high-low and knot in the front and I was saved. I know it's fall and as blogger, it's a smarter business move to showcase full on Fall and Winter looks. It's a smarter move because we as bloggers can sell products and if you show what's in stores and people buy it, then you can get a deal with that business. I'm here to tell you I never want to sell you something I don't believe in. I get a lot of offers I turn down because I'm not here to lie to anyone. I don't want to promo something I don't 100% agree with or something I don't like. This dress made me feel fly and like I wanted to travel to a colorful island, so I'm posting it! I decided to wear it with this DOPE beaded chocker but I think if you throw on a bomber jacket or a kimono, you could rock this as a Fall look. I live in LA so this is a winter look, trust and believe!

Following your own vision, even if it's different from the "norm", is extremely important. In our differences lies our beauty. Be confident in who you are and what you have to offer because it's probably so much more than you even know!

Burnt Orange Dress: Fashion Q
Beaded Chocker: Street Fair
Orange Platforms: Urban Outfitters (old)

photos courtesy of Logan Allison 

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