Friday, February 12, 2016

American Hustle

This is my shmoney coat, it makes me feel like I have a huge bank account. Pieces that aren't crazy expensive but make you feel super expensive are what I live for and the definition of balling on a budget. 

If I could live in any other time I usually say the 1970's because I love the fashion and music. I would have been UP in the club, Studio 54 that is haha. As for the sociopolitical climate of the 1970's not so much. I like have options and rights as a woman, so 2015 is an alright place to be, with so much progress needing to be made for human rights still.

I haven't done a casual post in awhile. I get asked a lot if I wear what I post and I usually do. If I own the clothes and blog about them, I have worn them. Do I wear heels everyday? NO, I really love being comfortable the older I get (I act like I'm elderly) but I just have a new found appreciation for sweatpants. I add Brianna swag to sweatpants of course! 

I'm wearing jeans from Charlotte Russe and I love them!! 

ALSO I want to shoutout to all the women in the plus size community who have supported me. I'm so grateful that super dope people, who have inspired me think I'm poppin. Thank you and thank you to my readers who stay tuned every week! I'm so grateful ++

Pussybow Blouse: ASOS (old)
Shmoney Coat: ASOS
Distressed Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Platforms: Charlotte Russe
Elton John Glassed: Forever 21
Black Lace Bra: Lane Bryant

photos courtesy of Danny Guerrero 

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