Friday, March 25, 2016


When I was younger I was obsessed with tweed. I wanted a tweed blazer, tweed pants, tweed skirt, everything tweed. I know, I was a freak haha! I would reading Vogue and would try anything with fashion, I was figuring it out I guess. When I was 11 I started wearing thin belts around my waist, I'm telling you I had a strange fashion sense for a child. Explains so much right?!
I was at Lane Bryant and I found this tweed longline vest and I HAD to have it. My childhood fashion dreams were fulfilled! It was also on super sale, huge score!  

Tweed Longline Vest: Lane Bryant
Black Ripped Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Black Crop Top: Forever 21
Purple Purse: Macys
Adidas Superstars
Necklace and Glasses: Forever 21

photos courtesy of Danny Guerrero 

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