Friday, April 1, 2016


I don't know if it's my theatrical background, my love of old hollywood films, my grandma's influence, or something else but I love dressing with a retro flare. There is something so feminine and glamorous that comes from eras past. I feel like a real Italian girl in this City Chic Dress, my vespa and gelato are waiting. 
On Instagram I talked a little bit about body hang ups. If I had to say one part of my body that I'm insecure about, it would be my arms. Ever since I was younger I've been insecure about the size, broadness, and flabby skin that hangs off my arms. I remember this back to middle school. I would only wear sleeves or wear jackets. I was the queen of those short sleeve cardigans, I swear I had that style in every color, it was a desperate situation! How did I get over it? Well I hate when people say I just got over it. SO here are some steps to getting over body hang ups. 

1st) Realize you are so much more than just one body part. You have a mind with creative, valid thoughts. You are kind, you are smart, you are important type of thing. Look at yourself in the mirror, REALLY look, it can be hard I know and notice three things you like about your body. If you can find things you love, even better, focus on those three things. I love my legs, my waist and my butt so I dress to show those areas off. 

2nd) Notice whenever you have negative body talk. This is the root of all evil, to be honest. If you think "ugh I'm ugly" or "I can't do this", you will NEVER be able to out do that thinking. Noticing these negative thoughts is the first step in ending them. So just start noticing negative thoughts and actively chose to think about the three parts of your body you like or love. Change the thought process. I would never lie and say, that I'm 100% body positive all the time. There are days I wake up feeling bloated, ugly in my clothes and insecure. I notice these thoughts and choose to point my focus elsewhere. Bad days are few and far between.

3rd) Start doing little things outside of your comfort zone. For me I tried taking risks with fashion, little by little. I started wearing belts around my waist, wearing things differently. It felt good to take baby steps till I was comfortable enough to go sleeveless. Build up your confidence so you can overcome any body hang ups. Be fearless!

These are steps that really helped me and I hope they will mean something to you all. I love helping you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin now. We all deserve to love ourselves and to feel amazing ++

Black Strapless Dress: City Chic
Perfect Nude Heels: Steve Madden
Pastel Pink Bag: Forever 21
Black Puffball: Charlotte Russe
Blue Drop Earrings: Downtown LA

photos courtesy of Danny Guerrero 

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