Monday, May 16, 2016


To be real, I've been wanting to take some time off. When I think about the things I'm doing and what I could realistically give up or adjust, I always get a pit in my stomach when I think about blogging. I love blogging. I love the community of followers, other plus size blogger and models and opportunities I've had because of The B Word. I've been running myself hard recently and really contemplating falling off for awhile. I put together this huge #BEinyourskin photoshoot this weekend with some of my favorite plus size bloggers, models and just all around dope ass women. It was a really inspiring day, not just because we were doing a shoot for my campaign but because being with women who have similar experiences is so important. I don't have very many plus size friends or friends who are in this "industry", so being around these women always leaves me feeling reenergized. 

I feel reenergized to continue creating my own content, to continue to inspire women to feel bossed up and to keep blogging on my own terms. I will not be pumping out as much content for brands but I will continue to create content that is true to me.

I need to shout out my team as well. I have some of the most talented, genuine people around me. I am fiercely protective of my inner circle. If you ride for me, I will ride for you heavy. Everyone always tells me I have the best friend and that is understatement. My friends and I were meant to be in each others lives and I would be absolutely nothing without them. Whenever I feel like taking a break, they help me put things in perspective. I do this for not only me but for my family and friends, my inner circle.  

Blue Off the Shoulder Dress: c/o DebShop
Brim Hat: Nordstrom Rack
Denim Loafers: Report
Glasses: F21
Gold Arm Cuff: Nordtrom Rack

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz

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