Friday, May 20, 2016


The warmer the weather is the brighter the colors I wear are. I also feel like when I'm feeling summer, I only wear maxi dresses. If we go back to last years post, I was for sure wearing maxi dresses during the summer. On me maxi dresses are to the ankle but I still love them!
Everyone knows I've been wanting to go on a tropical vacation for a solid two years. I keep joking that I want to be on a beach drinking out of a pineapple. By joking I mean I'm completely and utterly serious haha! So I'm going to dress my vacation into existence with this fuchsia maxi dress from City Chic.

If you follow me on snap chat (@briannamcdonn) then you saw I got some of my favorite plus size bloggers and models together for a #BEinyourskin photoshoot. I'm SO excited to release the content we created, amazing interviews and photos! It's so important to have some real friends in this plus size fashion industry because man can it be crazy. Strong women empower other strong women ++

Fuchsia Maxi Dress: City Chic
Flowers: DIY
Wooden Chunky Heels: Charlotte Russe
Blue Earrings: F21

photos courtesy of Sam Baker

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