Saturday, June 25, 2016


Hello! HEY! Hi!! Remember that time I blogged once a week every Friday?! I'm getting back to that. I tried this week but I just got back from a European vacation and then a weekend in NYC for The Curvy Con. Whirlwind, people, it was a whirlwind. 

I'm going to be honest, I didn't leave the trip feeling amazing or inspired like I wanted to. I left in my feelings, overwhelmed even. I still haven't worked out why I felt that way but being home and getting my life back has been completely refreshing! I love my life, honestly. I have the best people around me, I'm doing things I love and I've been successful. What I got from the trip and the convention was a new appreciation for what I have. 

It's hard for me to enjoy the journey. My whole life I thought I should be ahead of where I was, work harder, be something. I still struggle with this but it's moments of clarity that make me realize, stop. I graduated college two years ago and I'm so proud of where I am today. I'm a different person then I was then, I'm a different person then I was six months ago and that is okay. We don't work this hard to stay the same, am I right Jay Z?! Taking a moment to gather my thoughts and to really reflect has been extremely rewarding, I have a new appreciation for the now, the now that I have created for myself. I don't know what next month, next year will look like but I'm happy now and that's something I need to stop and enjoy!

Peach Pant Set: ASOS
Jewel Chocker: River Island
Nude Heels: Nordstroms Rack 

photos courtesy of Logan Allison 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


OKAY what a week?! Im so proud of #BEinyourskin campaign and I'm so happy you all love it! 
I've been on vacation with my family for the past two weeks. We started in London, which I loved and moved onto Italy. We're in the Tuscany region and I've had such a good time. My family is crazy hilarious, so there hasn't been a dull moment. My brother Sean and I are flying to NYC tomorrow for Curvy Con. I'm so excited to meet everyone, listen to panels, just chill with confident, plus size influencers!

We've been on the move so there hasn't been time for shooting but I made Sean snap a couple pictures of this yellow ASOS dress I had to have. I mean, Lemonade anyone?! 

Have an amazing week ya'll! I will be vlogging my NYC trip, so look out for that. I listen to you all haha, I swear! More videos to come ++

Yellow Tiered Dress: ASOS
Strap Sandals: Steve Madden
Belt: Torrid (old)
Velvet Chocker: DIY

photos courtesy of Sean McDonnell

Saturday, June 11, 2016

#BEinyourskin Campaign

I'm so incredibly excited to finally be sharing the 2016 #BEinyourskin Campaign! I was so honored to have all these amazing influencers come together to be apart of the message.

What does #BEinyourskin mean? 

To me it means more than a hashtag, it's a way of thinking. To be in your skin means to fully accept and love yourself now. You may not be perfect or where you want to be but you deserve to love yourself every moment. Every scar, stretch mark, roll, and inch is perfectly imperfect. So many women I know wait to enjoy life until they lose weight or until they find love, etc. I spent years uncomfortable with my size, shape, you name it and the second I accepted myself and loved where I was in my journey, my life changed. I hope to inspire you to do the same! Life is way too short to not love your body and to not live confidently ++

I can't wait for all the things I have planned for this years #BEinyourskin 31 Day Body Confidence Challenge this August! Stay TUNED

Check out The B Word Youtube Channel for Interviews and BTS: HERE

Simone Mariposa @simonemariposa

I met Simone at the Torrid Own It pool party and I instantly fell in love with her vibe. Not only is she stunningly beautiful on the outside, she is a beautiful person.

Kamaile O Hualalai @kamailexo

The second I met Kamaile, I knew I found a tall soul sister! She is incredibly passionate about her Hawaiian heritage and wants to ultimately help her community. I LOVE that about her. Not only is she dope, she has such a caring heart! 

Jerae Nicole of Curvyology

My fellow San Diego girl! Jerae is one of the coolest girls I have ever met at a blogging event. She is someone who is just great people. I honestly love being around her and someone I'm honored to work aside and call a friend!

Cheyenne Russell @thecheyennerussell
Cheyenne is a dream chaser and I so admire that! We met on the weekend of Full Figured Fashion Weeks LA Casting. She was out here just going to show up and give it her all and my girl GOT IN! She will be walking this year for FFF Week and I couldn't be more proud!

Margarita Maria Romos @shesmzmagz

Maggie is one of the sweetest souls. She has such a passion for empowering women of all sizes that I instantly fell in love with her. She has seen so much in her life but she remains positive and a light for all the women around her! 

Francis Dive of YouMenFashion

My Francis! It's honestly amazing in this business to find someone as real and down to earth as Francis. She is so giving and caring. I'm so happy to have someone I can turn to with questions about blogging and the business of blogging. She is so loyal and that is something I really appreciate! Not only is she a blogger SUPER babe, she's a friend! 

Thank you to all my girls for coming out and shooting for this campaign. You are all shining examples of what it truly means to #BEinyourskin!

HUGE thank you to Stephanie of Nea's Photography. It was fate we met and I'm grateful you took my vision and created something even more beautiful.

Thank you to Danny Guerrero for his endless support and endless hours of editing.

Thank you Bobby for the camera help, Julia and Logan for being the best assistants and friends any girl could ask for!

Michelle and Mary on the amazing hair and makeup, thank you!

and thank you, all my readers who motivate me to continue on and to use my voice ++

Cheers to us, #BEinyourskin