Saturday, September 24, 2016

Olive Oil

A changing of a season, my favorite time of the year. I love cooler weather, pumpkin spiced everything and Fall colors. Give me olive, burgundy and thigh high boots!

In LA the temperature drops two degrees but let's pretend we need to transition into Fall clothing and trends. Being plus size and finding clothes that excite you is hard. I feel as if I have to settle a lot of the time or I have to make it myself (which I do a lot!). I saw this olive jumpsuit at City Chic and had to have it. It first caught my eye because of the color but I loved the fit, it was the perfect marriage between loose and form fitting.

These shoes *drools* don't even get me started about these shoes. These lace up booties are from Deb Shops and I have them in black and olive. They're KILLER. I saw them and needed them, had to have them. You'll be seeing a lot of these shoes!!

Have an amazing week loves! Have you been following along with the #BEinyourskin challenge?? This is the last week of September and the last week of the challenge. Thank you all for believing in the body positive movement just as much as me ++ 

Olive Jumpsuit from City Chic
Olive Lace up Booties c/o of Deb Shops
Chocker from Charlotte Russe

photos courtesy of Sam Baker

Monday, September 19, 2016

Boutique +

Okay, okay, okay super cute plus size clothes at a great price, I'm in. Thank you, JCPenney and Ashley Nell Tipton for this super cute plus size line! 

You all know I like to be a style chameleon and this outfit is no exception. One day I'm wearing a skin tight mesh mini dress and literally the next day I'm wearing a quilted pencil skirt, neck tie and caped blouse. I've always, always been this way and it was one of the main reasons I started blogging, to showcase you don't have to have just one style. 

This outfit is me wishing for some autumn chill! This burgundy color is so essential for Fall and this top is everything! I don't love my arms so this is a perfect amount of coverage. Thank you Ashley for making clothes that plus women will LOVE. Ya'll check it out at JCPenney ++ 

Boutique + Ashley Nell Tipton Plus Size Line Available at JCPenney
White Cape Top c/o JCPenney
Quilted Pencil Skirt c/o JCPenney

post sponsored by JCPenney, opinions my own
photos courtesy of Danny Guerrero 

Thursday, September 15, 2016


This week for the #BEinyourskin 30 Day Body Confidence Challenge we focused on what it means to BE Empowered. I was really excited about this week because the foundation of BE in your skin to me is about empowering women to be their best selves. I love seeing women be their baddest, most confident self. We have to empower one another and empower ourselves. 
You never know what your effect on people can be. I get messages all the time from girls telling me they get bullied or they hate their bodies, they can't go outside because they're insecure and they get inspired by my photos. THIS is the reason I blog, by me being confident in my body and myself that can hopefully empower others to feel the same. 

I wanted to blog something this week that made me feel like a powerful, warrior princess and this Deb Shops dress is ALL of those things. I mean look at that power shoulder!? I'm wearing my power LBD and my power heels. Thank you Deb Shops for always killing it!
P.S. Are any of my LA girls headed to Curves and Cocktails on Saturday?! I'll being taking over Deb Shops snapchat! Can't wait to see my girls and meet all these curvy LA ladies ++

Watch Episode 2 of our #BEinyourskin Mini Series below!

Black Lace Up Power Dress c/o Deb Shops (similar
Black Lace Up Booties c/o Deb Shops

photos courtesy of Danny Guerrero 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Denim Down

I'm back at it with Fashion Nova denim!

Are you all loving these jeans? They have a really great amount of stretch and I love the high waist. Use my code: BWORDXO to try them out for 15% off!!

Thank you Fashion Nova for the dope denim ++

Glistening Jeans c/o Fashion Nova
White Chiffon Top: Charlotte Russe
Nude Lace Heels: Torrid

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Wow, just wow. We're finishing week one of the #BEinyourskin 30 Day Body Confidence Challenge and I'm so pleased with how many women continue to share their stories. One of my favorite parts of blogging is hearing other people's stories and realizing that we all go through similar experiences. I felt so alone, in the way I was feeling, for so long. Anything you're going through, there is someone who has felt the same way and can help. It's a beautiful thing.

This week we focused on #BEFearless and many women agreed that it starts with being fearless in your body. Building confidence and building self esteem starts with accepting your flaws and imperfections without fear. Without the fear that you're not good enough or that your body isn't good enough. For a really long time I was ashamed of my stretch marks, afraid to have the show, terrified actually. This week I posted a picture of myself in  a bikini lower than my belly button. I have NEVER in my life worn something like that and it was so freeing to share that. So many women commented saying they wished they had my confidence and honestly I used to be one of those girls. When I started blogging I knew I had to be fearless in the outfits I posted and fearless in what I would share because my images and words meant something to someone. It started out meaning something only to me and the little chubby girl inside me, that I've become a warrior of sorts. Now it's meaning something more to more people and that has completely changed my life. By choosing to be fearless in the love for myself and my body, I can inspire others to feel the same about themselves and that folks is the shit ++

I put together a Boudoir Shoot with my love Stephanie from Nea's Photography  to push myself to be more fearless. It was an amazing day and experience. Steph really helped to push me out of my comfort zone and that was really refreshing. 
Also check out the first episode of my #BEinyourskin mini docuseries. I wanted to get real personal with ya'll and show you a little more about my life. I will be releasing an episode each week of this month! 

Photos from Nea's Photography
Video Editing Daniel Guerrero
Footage Shot by Daniel Guerrero, Julia Haimowitz and Brian Tran

Friday, September 2, 2016

White Sand

It's the first week of the #BEinyourskin 30 Day Body Confidence Challenge and I'm so proud and excited by the response! 

I've been blogging for about a year and a half. I started because I really love fashion and styling outfits. I also was always asked where I got things and how I had so much confidence. I wanted to put it all in one space. It has completely turned into something else, I want to push the plus culture forward. I get a lot of hate for some outfits that a lot of people wouldn't wear but that's the reason I wear them, to push boundaries. I think it's so important to go outside your comfort zone with fashion. Life would be so boring if we're all the same. I push myself to show more skin, to wear a bodysuit, to wear higher heels because I'm a 6'0 plus women who grew up not seeing anyone like myself. This is important. SimplyBe sent over this amazing Maxi Dress, which maybe my new favorite piece of clothing. It's very sheer and see through so I paired it with some white denim. I was on a roadtrip with my best friend when we pulled over and shot this look. 

This week for the #BEinyourskin Challenge we're focusing on #BEFearless and this is my step towards being fearless, being fearless in fashion. Wearing white before and AFTER labor day, forgetting plus fashion rules to not wear white, and showing skin! Let's push this shit forward ++

White Button Down Maxi c/o SimplyBe
White Jeans: ASOS
Brown Braided Heels: DebShops
Hat: Gift
Brown Chocker: Boohoo

photos courtesy of Kristen Garrett

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ashley Nell Tipton and JCPenney Boutique +

Let me try not to get emotional here but I'm so proud of Ashley Nell Tipton! I'm proud of her like she's my girl haha! If you have been living under a plus size rock, Ashley is the winner of Project Runway making national headlines for winning the show after she made a plus size line. This is the first time anyone has done a plus line on Project Runway. It was like we had a friend on the show! I was hooked, then to find out she's from my hometown San Diego, it was like a hometown, family win!

Now Ashley and JCPenney have teamed up for a new plus line and I CANT wait! I just finished watching this mini docuseries about the making of the line and the pieces are killer. There is this pink faux fur jacket that I have to have! With this new line their launching #HereIAm campaign. The first time I saw this campaign was at Curvy Con and it was incredible. Thank you so much Ashley Nell Tipton and thank you JCPenney!!

Check out the line here!

Watch it and let me know what you think ++

Sponsored by JCPenney 
Opinions are my own