Thursday, September 8, 2016


Wow, just wow. We're finishing week one of the #BEinyourskin 30 Day Body Confidence Challenge and I'm so pleased with how many women continue to share their stories. One of my favorite parts of blogging is hearing other people's stories and realizing that we all go through similar experiences. I felt so alone, in the way I was feeling, for so long. Anything you're going through, there is someone who has felt the same way and can help. It's a beautiful thing.

This week we focused on #BEFearless and many women agreed that it starts with being fearless in your body. Building confidence and building self esteem starts with accepting your flaws and imperfections without fear. Without the fear that you're not good enough or that your body isn't good enough. For a really long time I was ashamed of my stretch marks, afraid to have the show, terrified actually. This week I posted a picture of myself in  a bikini lower than my belly button. I have NEVER in my life worn something like that and it was so freeing to share that. So many women commented saying they wished they had my confidence and honestly I used to be one of those girls. When I started blogging I knew I had to be fearless in the outfits I posted and fearless in what I would share because my images and words meant something to someone. It started out meaning something only to me and the little chubby girl inside me, that I've become a warrior of sorts. Now it's meaning something more to more people and that has completely changed my life. By choosing to be fearless in the love for myself and my body, I can inspire others to feel the same about themselves and that folks is the shit ++

I put together a Boudoir Shoot with my love Stephanie from Nea's Photography  to push myself to be more fearless. It was an amazing day and experience. Steph really helped to push me out of my comfort zone and that was really refreshing. 
Also check out the first episode of my #BEinyourskin mini docuseries. I wanted to get real personal with ya'll and show you a little more about my life. I will be releasing an episode each week of this month! 

Photos from Nea's Photography
Video Editing Daniel Guerrero
Footage Shot by Daniel Guerrero, Julia Haimowitz and Brian Tran

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