Friday, September 2, 2016

White Sand

It's the first week of the #BEinyourskin 30 Day Body Confidence Challenge and I'm so proud and excited by the response! 

I've been blogging for about a year and a half. I started because I really love fashion and styling outfits. I also was always asked where I got things and how I had so much confidence. I wanted to put it all in one space. It has completely turned into something else, I want to push the plus culture forward. I get a lot of hate for some outfits that a lot of people wouldn't wear but that's the reason I wear them, to push boundaries. I think it's so important to go outside your comfort zone with fashion. Life would be so boring if we're all the same. I push myself to show more skin, to wear a bodysuit, to wear higher heels because I'm a 6'0 plus women who grew up not seeing anyone like myself. This is important. SimplyBe sent over this amazing Maxi Dress, which maybe my new favorite piece of clothing. It's very sheer and see through so I paired it with some white denim. I was on a roadtrip with my best friend when we pulled over and shot this look. 

This week for the #BEinyourskin Challenge we're focusing on #BEFearless and this is my step towards being fearless, being fearless in fashion. Wearing white before and AFTER labor day, forgetting plus fashion rules to not wear white, and showing skin! Let's push this shit forward ++

White Button Down Maxi c/o SimplyBe
White Jeans: ASOS
Brown Braided Heels: DebShops
Hat: Gift
Brown Chocker: Boohoo

photos courtesy of Kristen Garrett

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