Friday, November 25, 2016

Bad Ass

I've been on the search for thigh high boots that would be a) wide enough for my calf and thigh b) tall enough for my long ass legs and c) cute and trendy. Seemed like an impossible task honestly. Then I was browsing Torrid's website and I was SHOOK. Tell me these boots aren't damn near everything. I was getting a boxer shoe vibe with all these laces and I saw this Bad Ass sports bra and knew I had to make something work *purchase*. 

I really love wearing things unconventionally and mixing things that typically aren't thought of together. Athletic leisure clothing is my go to. This plaid dress was the perfect thing to go under the sports bra, that acted like a crop top giving me some shape. It doesn't suck that I love showing leg as well! 

I have another all Torrid, thigh high boot look I'm going to share with all of you soon! ALSO on Monday 11/28 I'm going to be dropping blog merchandise, inspired by The B Word and #BEinyourskin. Its going to be available for purchase on Monday and I hope y'all love it ++

Red Plaid Shirt Dress c/o Torrid
Bad Ass Sports Bra c/o Torrid
Lace up Thigh High Boots c/o Torrid 

Photos courtesy of Princess Eze 
Post is sponsored opinions are my own 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I used to love to dress up. I was always over dressed and feeling fabulous about it. Maybe because I've gotten older but I don't care anymore. I will always choose sneakers over heels. I love these sneakers, my bargain basement knock off, Fenty Puma Creepers. They add fashion to a casual look. I got my pair on Santee Alley in Los Angeles, if we're being really real. 

I have mad love for Fashion Nova, not only because they give me the discount code for all ya'll (BWORDXO for 15% off) but because they offer mad trendy, cute clothes for plus size women! Women with curves, rolls, cellulite, and dimples can still be fly AF. You can't cellulite without u lit, okayy!! Do something for yourself this week, breath, chill, relax. I know I need to ++  

Tan Snap Dress c/o Fashion Nova
Tan Creepers similar HERE

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dear Girls

Dear Girls,

We will rise. To my girls growing up, to my women of color, to my female friends we stand together. This week has been hard, very hard emotionally. I will always believe in love, compassion and human kindness first. I've asked myself many times what can I do, what can we do? I think we start with kindness, big or small, we hold each other and we empower people. 

It starts with a smile, it starts with a compliment, a connection. If anyone of you need to talk please message me, email me, let's talk! Change is coming, peace is coming. I refuse to fall into fear. I refuse to turn away from my fellow men and women. I will continue to see what I can do and I will for sure include all of you, until then know my heart goes out to all of you. By starting the conversation we have already ignited the flame.

Love Brianna ++

California Tie Top c/o Deb Shops
Burgundy Suede and Leather Mini Skirt c/o Deb Shops
Steve Madden Heels
Chocker Similar  

photos courtesy of Skye Privet  

Friday, November 4, 2016


It's officially the holidays right?! Either way I'm ready. Tell me this Fashion Nova dress isn't the perfect dress for any and all holiday parties. Emerald is my idea of a neutral! I'm loving this crushed velvet trend, from head to toe. 

On some real shit, ya'll tell me you like when I get real, I'm mad hard on myself. I'm always searching for the next move, the next idea. Life is hard to navigate sometime. I'm learning it's okay to step back. I know I've said this before but truly you can chill, float in the same place for awhile. You don't always have to be making power moves *you hear your own advice Brianna haha*. Let's treat ourselves this holiday to some self love and self care. I'm going to do more things for myself, more things that aren't work related, have more fun making memories!

Okay here's my plug: If ya'll want to treat yourself to some Fashion Nova, use my discount code: BWORDXO for that good good discount! Ya'll know I'm forever balling on a budget SO this code is a major key!

Emerald Crushed Velvet Dress c/o Fashion Nova Curve (similar )
Emerald Faux Leather Jacket from F21 (old)
Crushed Velvet Platforms from EGO 
Earrings were gifted

photos courtesy of Logan Allison 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Happy Halloween Witches! I had such a good time, maybe even too good of a time, this weekend haha! I dressed up as my QUEEN Cher and had such a dope time.

I titled this blog post Blossom not only because I painted this thrifted Fubu jacket with cherry blossoms but also because I feel like I'm changing things up in my life. If you know me you know I'm all about my business but I get insecure and impatient in romantic relationships. I'm being mad honest today haha but it's true I struggle feeling secure and opening up. I know blogging, you get images of my life but I feel like I owe it to everyone to be honest with the good, bad and uncomfortable. I've always been someone who loved hard but I let expectations trip me up. I've learned so much the past year opening up, blossoming into more experiences and going towards things that scare me. So just know I'm a work in progress, no where near perfect or having it all figured out and that's okay. Sometimes you have to take time and learn from experiences. You have to plant seeds to blossom. Let's plant some seeds ya'll! ++

FUBU Jean Jacket (painted by me) from Thrift Store
Grey Bodycon Dress c/o Shoploveyourz
Tie Up Heels from Torrid

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz