Friday, November 25, 2016

Bad Ass

I've been on the search for thigh high boots that would be a) wide enough for my calf and thigh b) tall enough for my long ass legs and c) cute and trendy. Seemed like an impossible task honestly. Then I was browsing Torrid's website and I was SHOOK. Tell me these boots aren't damn near everything. I was getting a boxer shoe vibe with all these laces and I saw this Bad Ass sports bra and knew I had to make something work *purchase*. 

I really love wearing things unconventionally and mixing things that typically aren't thought of together. Athletic leisure clothing is my go to. This plaid dress was the perfect thing to go under the sports bra, that acted like a crop top giving me some shape. It doesn't suck that I love showing leg as well! 

I have another all Torrid, thigh high boot look I'm going to share with all of you soon! ALSO on Monday 11/28 I'm going to be dropping blog merchandise, inspired by The B Word and #BEinyourskin. Its going to be available for purchase on Monday and I hope y'all love it ++

Red Plaid Shirt Dress c/o Torrid
Bad Ass Sports Bra c/o Torrid
Lace up Thigh High Boots c/o Torrid 

Photos courtesy of Princess Eze 
Post is sponsored opinions are my own 

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