Friday, December 30, 2016


We only have a few days left of 2016. OOFH 2016. Sociopolitically we can all agree it's been shit. On a personal level I've had a lot of wins and I'm so grateful. With each year, I learn so many more lessons, struggle through growing pains but ultimately get closer to my goals. 

I've had an amazing time sharing with you all and you have held me down! Thank you so much for all the love and support, I appreciate every click, like and comment from you babes. I'm going to sit back this New Years Eve and get right for 2017. I'm so ready for a new wave, new moves and even bigger goals. 

Even though I plan on staying in this NYE, I couldn't miss the chance to look like a disco ball thanks to Debs Shop #OOTDEBS! This dress is mad comfortable and I live for a 1970's vibe. Let's raise a glass of champagne to how far we've come and what we're going to achieve this next year. Cheers to us babes ++ 

See you in the new year! 

Sequin Dress c/o Debs Shop
Fuzzy Purse c/o Debs Shop
Fuchsia Platforms from EGO

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz 

Monday, December 26, 2016


"I'm not difficult, I'm just bout my business" -Nicki Minaj

I live, LIVE for women who hustle, are their own bosses and all around bad ass bitches. Women in business aren't celebrated, we're demeaned for the same qualities a man would be praised for. I choose to celebrate these bossed up women who have paved a way for all us women. 

I've been lusting over this Yatir jersey for what seems like the good part of this year! I finally purchased and I love it. I paired with Fashion to Figure over the knee boots, that shockingly fit over my thick calves. 

Cheers to all the bossed up women who keep me inspired ++

Hustlpreneur Jersey from Yatir Clothing
Boots c/o FTF

photos courtesy of Sean McDonnell

Monday, December 12, 2016


I'm emotionally tired from 2016. From the election, to amount of work I've put in, to the disappointments. I don't want people to get it twisted, I'm grateful for all of it but your girl isn't the same. I need to take sometime to find myself again. I feel weak admitting this but I feel the need to share, I let a man or two define how I felt about myself these past months. I've been searching for something and I decided to override red flags. I allowed people in who didn't deserve it and I allowed them to effect my energy. I hate this feeling. Silver lining is that these are lessons and that I don't stay down for long. I just wanted to remind you all and myself that we are worthy of real love and we don't have to settle for a flash in the pan. We are worthy of respect and we have to hold ourselves to that. I get a lot of messages from other plus women and young girls about dating, love and sex. I understand it, we as a society put so much value in others and we all want to be loved. It is okay to want love, it is okay to seek it but it's not okay to lose yourself in the process. You are enough, right now. You are so enough and someone who can love your enough, in a way that is enough for you, will make you feel the same way you feel now, ENOUGH. Reminding a friend *wink* 

White Studded Dress c/o Deb Shops X COAB
Pink Fluff Heel from Charlotte Russe
Grey Fur Purse c/o Deb Shops 

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Black Velvet

I'm still on these thigh high boots from Torrid! They're the perfect size for my calves and thighs which has never happened in my life. These quilted boots are perfect for so many occasions, dressed up or down, worth every coin. I decided to pull out my true romantic gothic girl for this outfit. I'm for sure wearing this to a holiday party this season, perfect with all the texture. Lace, leather and velvet OH MY!!

I find skirts like this don't usually work on my body because they always flare out way to far and become booty out skirts, but this one fits well and is super high quality. I see you Torrid! This lace top is super cute too. This whole outfit is a lot "cutesier" than I usually like to dress but it still had a bad ass edge that I loved. 

I need to get myself ready for the holidays, I'm not prepared at all. My heart is heavy with what is happening around the world that I find it hard to want to celebrate. What's your favorite way to give back this time of the year?? ++

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Lace Top c/o Torrid
Velvet Jacket c/o Torrid
Leather Miniskirt c/o Torrid
Thigh High Quilted Boots c/o Torrid

photos courtesy of Princess Eze
Post sponsored by Torrid, opinions my own