Friday, December 30, 2016


We only have a few days left of 2016. OOFH 2016. Sociopolitically we can all agree it's been shit. On a personal level I've had a lot of wins and I'm so grateful. With each year, I learn so many more lessons, struggle through growing pains but ultimately get closer to my goals. 

I've had an amazing time sharing with you all and you have held me down! Thank you so much for all the love and support, I appreciate every click, like and comment from you babes. I'm going to sit back this New Years Eve and get right for 2017. I'm so ready for a new wave, new moves and even bigger goals. 

Even though I plan on staying in this NYE, I couldn't miss the chance to look like a disco ball thanks to Debs Shop #OOTDEBS! This dress is mad comfortable and I live for a 1970's vibe. Let's raise a glass of champagne to how far we've come and what we're going to achieve this next year. Cheers to us babes ++ 

See you in the new year! 

Sequin Dress c/o Debs Shop
Fuzzy Purse c/o Debs Shop
Fuchsia Platforms from EGO

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz 

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