Monday, December 12, 2016


I'm emotionally tired from 2016. From the election, to amount of work I've put in, to the disappointments. I don't want people to get it twisted, I'm grateful for all of it but your girl isn't the same. I need to take sometime to find myself again. I feel weak admitting this but I feel the need to share, I let a man or two define how I felt about myself these past months. I've been searching for something and I decided to override red flags. I allowed people in who didn't deserve it and I allowed them to effect my energy. I hate this feeling. Silver lining is that these are lessons and that I don't stay down for long. I just wanted to remind you all and myself that we are worthy of real love and we don't have to settle for a flash in the pan. We are worthy of respect and we have to hold ourselves to that. I get a lot of messages from other plus women and young girls about dating, love and sex. I understand it, we as a society put so much value in others and we all want to be loved. It is okay to want love, it is okay to seek it but it's not okay to lose yourself in the process. You are enough, right now. You are so enough and someone who can love your enough, in a way that is enough for you, will make you feel the same way you feel now, ENOUGH. Reminding a friend *wink* 

White Studded Dress c/o Deb Shops X COAB
Pink Fluff Heel from Charlotte Russe
Grey Fur Purse c/o Deb Shops 

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz 

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