Monday, February 13, 2017

Needed Me

Sometimes we have those days right? Offh. Today has been ridiculous but I'm changing things to a more positive vibe starting with this blog post and this outfit. I have been living in my Curvy Sense camo jacket, you think I'm lying? Have you seen my snapchats lol?! I've never shopped Curvy Sense and I was super suprised by the quality and the fit! Sometimes it's super hard to tell with online brands but Curvy Sense is the real deal ladies. Use my code BWORD15 for that discount! How could I not hook you up?!
I posted a video on my Instagram yesterday about my most asked question. Across the board I get asked how?! How to become this or that? How to be more confident? How to love your body? You name it people think I know the answer. I don't. I don't know shit about shit to be honest. The things I have seen be successful and I believe to be true are Action, Consistency and Quality. 

Action is simple to understand but action is the hardest step to make because it's a start. You have to get the machine moving and realize if you want actual success you will need to put in work or action everyday. Start by visualizing what it is you want and then start the action. Even if it's baby steps put action into your dreams. That is the fastest way.

Consistency is where people give up. If dreams were easy everyone would be following them. The road gets tough. Stay consistent. If you want to blog, start a blog and make a plan to post every Thursday for a year, and work at it. 

Quality to me means having your work stay at a consistent level. If you want to model, make sure your photo quality is great. Make sure your product is representative of your brand. Make sure you are consistently offering your product at the best quality you can. This is key. 

Go for it babies and check out Curvy Sense ++

Camo Jacket c/o Curvy Sense
Jeans c/o James Jeans
Nude Bodysuit from Forever 21+
Laceup Thigh High Boots c/o Torrid 

photos courtesy of Sam Baker
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Friday, February 10, 2017


I've always felt like I was born in the wrong time. Of course nostalgia plays a huge part in that because I also love modern convenience and you know, political rights. The 1970's scene has always, ALWAYS fascinated me. From the music, the fashion, Studio 54, the art, the pop culture, I find it all so interesting. Seventies bohemian has been trending in fashion for the last few years but I'm so here for the shift to disco culture, with colored fur, shiny fabrics in bright colors. This is where I see fashion heading and I'm all the way onboard!

I have something I'm really excited about dropping in March and this the wave I'm going in. Keep looking out for that babies!! 

Blue Faux Fur Coat from Zelie for She
Bellbottom Jeans from Forever 21 (old)
Denim Bandeau made myself
Denim Platforms from Nordstrom Rack 

photos courtesy of Kristen Garrett 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dark Romance

I feel like this is my perfume ad! Wait on it, yall, someday!!

I was nervous to post these pictures because they are different from my usual wave. Blogging is such a small picture of my life. I actually made a dress just like this about six years ago and I had to recreate it. I've been saying I missed making my own clothes so this was fun to get back to it. Right now it's all about Valentines clothes in the fashion industry but I had to of course, show you something different. This is how I was feeling today. Romantic, whimsical, cute and that's a perfectly okay way to be. I can be strong and sweet at the same time. Valentines day can be defined by you. You define how you want to look everyday. Fashion is defined by you. Be you babes!!

Side note: I've been wanting to get my hair together recently. I've gotten so much better at makeup, now it's time to get my hair together. I have thin hair and I want more volume and waves. USmooth heard my call. I was ranting on my Instagram story and they reached out and sent me a hair saving kit. I hope you all know I don't agree to nearly half the brands that reach out because I don't ever want to promote a product I don't believe in. I got my package, tried the products and knew I had to tell you all. I started by washing my hair with the Volume shampoo and conditioner. Then used the Thickening Lotion on my wet hair and it legit changed the hair care game for me. I had SO much volume, just from this one product. Then I dried my hair and used the Wave tool, to get wave in my hair. DO you see the waves in my hair?! My hair very, VERY rarely holds anything. With the wave tool and USmooth hairspray my natural hair and my extensions stayed in place to achieve my fairy, goddess hair waves. Thank you USMOOTH, I'm using these products daily.

Dress Made by Me
Corset from Santee Alley
Nude Heels from Steve Madden

Hair Care c/o USmooth

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz 

Saturday, February 4, 2017


What can I say? I love DEBSHOP. After I discovered them I was interested, after I met with the brand I was hooked. I believe so strongly that plus women need more options and they're working tirelessly on providing that. I have some really exciting things coming up with DEBS, really, really exciting! More details are coming but I know you will love it babes ++

I find due to the sociopolitical climate, I'm very nostalgic for a time when I was younger. I'm missing my Lisa Frank folders, the Spice Girls girl power and being carefree. Being an adult is super overrated, honestly. One way I can express myself is with fashion, it needs to be fun. I love wearing colored glasses or a colored fur right now (peep my snapchat hehe) because it makes me feel good. Fashion is meant to make you feel good. When you put on an outfit and feel unstoppable. This is why I feel so passionately about plus fashion because the clothes you're wearing can empower you, change you and motivate you. Please wear something you just want to this week, for me! Tag me, send it to me!! 

Closet Sale is coming Feb. 16th starting 7pm PST. All items will be $10+ shipping. I will ship internationally. All items will be first come, first serve. This will all be on a website, I release when it goes live! A large part of proceeds will be going to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. The closet sale will be a 48 hr flash sale, on Feb 18th at 7pm everything that didn't sell will be donated. I can't wait!!

Red Racer Mini Dress c/o DEBSHOPS
Red Plexi Heels c/o DEBSHOPS
McFLY Sunglasses from zeroUV

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz