Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dark Romance

I feel like this is my perfume ad! Wait on it, yall, someday!!

I was nervous to post these pictures because they are different from my usual wave. Blogging is such a small picture of my life. I actually made a dress just like this about six years ago and I had to recreate it. I've been saying I missed making my own clothes so this was fun to get back to it. Right now it's all about Valentines clothes in the fashion industry but I had to of course, show you something different. This is how I was feeling today. Romantic, whimsical, cute and that's a perfectly okay way to be. I can be strong and sweet at the same time. Valentines day can be defined by you. You define how you want to look everyday. Fashion is defined by you. Be you babes!!

Side note: I've been wanting to get my hair together recently. I've gotten so much better at makeup, now it's time to get my hair together. I have thin hair and I want more volume and waves. USmooth heard my call. I was ranting on my Instagram story and they reached out and sent me a hair saving kit. I hope you all know I don't agree to nearly half the brands that reach out because I don't ever want to promote a product I don't believe in. I got my package, tried the products and knew I had to tell you all. I started by washing my hair with the Volume shampoo and conditioner. Then used the Thickening Lotion on my wet hair and it legit changed the hair care game for me. I had SO much volume, just from this one product. Then I dried my hair and used the Wave tool, to get wave in my hair. DO you see the waves in my hair?! My hair very, VERY rarely holds anything. With the wave tool and USmooth hairspray my natural hair and my extensions stayed in place to achieve my fairy, goddess hair waves. Thank you USMOOTH, I'm using these products daily.

Dress Made by Me
Corset from Santee Alley
Nude Heels from Steve Madden

Hair Care c/o USmooth

photos courtesy of Julia Haimowitz 

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