Monday, February 13, 2017

Needed Me

Sometimes we have those days right? Offh. Today has been ridiculous but I'm changing things to a more positive vibe starting with this blog post and this outfit. I have been living in my Curvy Sense camo jacket, you think I'm lying? Have you seen my snapchats lol?! I've never shopped Curvy Sense and I was super suprised by the quality and the fit! Sometimes it's super hard to tell with online brands but Curvy Sense is the real deal ladies. Use my code BWORD15 for that discount! How could I not hook you up?!
I posted a video on my Instagram yesterday about my most asked question. Across the board I get asked how?! How to become this or that? How to be more confident? How to love your body? You name it people think I know the answer. I don't. I don't know shit about shit to be honest. The things I have seen be successful and I believe to be true are Action, Consistency and Quality. 

Action is simple to understand but action is the hardest step to make because it's a start. You have to get the machine moving and realize if you want actual success you will need to put in work or action everyday. Start by visualizing what it is you want and then start the action. Even if it's baby steps put action into your dreams. That is the fastest way.

Consistency is where people give up. If dreams were easy everyone would be following them. The road gets tough. Stay consistent. If you want to blog, start a blog and make a plan to post every Thursday for a year, and work at it. 

Quality to me means having your work stay at a consistent level. If you want to model, make sure your photo quality is great. Make sure your product is representative of your brand. Make sure you are consistently offering your product at the best quality you can. This is key. 

Go for it babies and check out Curvy Sense ++

Camo Jacket c/o Curvy Sense
Jeans c/o James Jeans
Nude Bodysuit from Forever 21+
Laceup Thigh High Boots c/o Torrid 

photos courtesy of Sam Baker
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