Thursday, April 27, 2017

Glitters Gold

I have always had an issue trusting life's timing. I'm impatient, controlling and passionate. These can be great qualities and also my downfall. I am the girl who totally makes plans and then the universe, God, Lady Gaga whatever you want to call it, laughs at me.

It scary to jump in. It's scary to fully commit but the thought of not doing it is worst. The thought of not doing what you love is motivation enough for me. I don't ever want to live with regrets so I encourage you to dance. DANCE in your own life. Live your best life, the way you chose to. 

Goddess Gold Dress c/o Curvy Sense
White Mini Dress c/o Deb Shops
Gold Stacked Platforms from Nordstroms Rack

photos courtesy of Sean McDonnell

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Replace 'Em

I don't chase 'em, I replace 'em. Remember that. I have spend a lot of life, questioning my worth. Questioning am I enough? Pretty enough? Sexy enough? Skinny enough? Smart enough? Talented enough? AND I'm exhausted.

I don't know what it is in my subconscious that I struggled to see my own worth. It's something internal. It has effected everything I've done but it's something I've been working on for the majority of my life. Despite posting powerful images, where I look confident, dope and I encourage self esteem and confidence, I still struggle. I'm on a completely different level mentally then the Brianna who started this blog and I'm so proud of the work I've done. A large part of me is confident and unstoppable but I need to be real and tell you I still struggle with doubt and the fear that I'm not good enough. 

I think we all do. I think we all have moments of doubt but we need to get up and be us anyways. We need to look in the mirror and face those fears and doubt straight on. That's how we get past them. We are born for great things and we need to refuse to allow fear to stop us. Francis Dive (@youmeandfashion) gave me some of the best advice the other day. I was going on a "I cant" and "I don't know" rant and she said, "Brianna, would you regret it more if you didn't do it". It immediately stopped me in my tracks. Yes. One thousand times, yes.

So replace fear with confidence. Replace doubt with knowing, knowing you are perfectly enough. Breath action into your dreams and RUN into them. Everything you want is on the other side of fear ++

Red Lace Up Jumpsuit c/o ShopLoveYourz

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Nude Heels from Nordstrom Rack

photos courtesy of Sean McDonnell

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Pastel Piece

I'm on a mini getaway babes! I had to drag myself to take some pictures and to do this blog post but I do really enjoy it, once I get to it. It's like getting up early, dope when you have so much time in your day but super annoying actually getting out of your blankets. EITHER way we're all here!

I've been spending the last couple days with my family and it's been much needed. I found myself feeling really lost recently and they always get me back on track. They make me believe in me again. I'm extremely hard on myself and I've lacked direction recently, causing me to feel stressed, pressed and depressed. My family reminds me to have fun and to trust the process, trust my own greatness. 

I LOVE lavender. You all know I LOVE a monochromic look. This is my Easter Sunday vibe! Lavender is the wave, I'm telling you. 

I hope you all take a second to breath and treat yourself. Self love is super important and my family remind me of that. I'm super grateful for them and I'm super grateful for all of you babes ++

Lavender Turtleneck from H&M (size L)
Lavender Wrap Dress from ASOS (old, will be selling in closet sale)
Lavender Ruffle Socks from Target
Lavender Velvet Platforms from EGOS shoes 

Photos courtesy of Sean McDonnell

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


I am a DIY, yeezy lite wannabe. When I see a look, I will find a way to make it. 9/10, it isn't in plus size and I'm cheap. I can flip a piece of clothing!

I was inspired by all nude Yeezy looks and Sorella Boutique. These are the nude joggers from #TheBWordxDebShops collab collection. I LOVE seeing all you babes rocking my pieces! You can still shop at BUT we are selling out!!

This turtleneck is actually a sweater bodysuit from Fashion Nova. I got it on sale for $8 and it's a size large. I cut the bottom and took my scissors and gave it a distressed look. Super, super easy to do. 

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Turtle Neck from Fashion Nova
White Sports Bra from Walmart
Nude Joggers c/o DEBSHOPS
Leopard Heels from Nordstrom Rack 

photos courtesy of Coco

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Val Party

I love pulling outfit, fashion inspiration from so many different places. I'm going to try and make my Instagram more of a personal mood board, because I get asked all the time where my ideas come from. I take inspiration from films, music, video games, literally anything that sparks something for me.  Anything that sparks something in me and then I make it Brianna. I have always made my own clothing, thrifted, added things, bedazzled, feathered and changed stuff up because plus clothing was NEVER what I really wanted. To this day it still isn't. 

SO I was inspired by Clueless, The Heathers, Never Been Kissed and Charmed for this look. I love fashion that is extra af, just like I am. You know the outfit Cher wears to go to the Valley house party in Clueless, that is the vibe! The funny thing, is I live in the valley and I live two blocks away from Circus Liquor, where she was mugged in the film *CUTE*. 

I took a robe I found on DEBSHOPS site and I added two boas, I bought from 
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Velvet Dress is Thrifted
Sheer Feather Robe is DIY
Leopard Heels from Nordstrom Rack 

photos courtesy of Coco