Saturday, April 15, 2017

Pastel Piece

I'm on a mini getaway babes! I had to drag myself to take some pictures and to do this blog post but I do really enjoy it, once I get to it. It's like getting up early, dope when you have so much time in your day but super annoying actually getting out of your blankets. EITHER way we're all here!

I've been spending the last couple days with my family and it's been much needed. I found myself feeling really lost recently and they always get me back on track. They make me believe in me again. I'm extremely hard on myself and I've lacked direction recently, causing me to feel stressed, pressed and depressed. My family reminds me to have fun and to trust the process, trust my own greatness. 

I LOVE lavender. You all know I LOVE a monochromic look. This is my Easter Sunday vibe! Lavender is the wave, I'm telling you. 

I hope you all take a second to breath and treat yourself. Self love is super important and my family remind me of that. I'm super grateful for them and I'm super grateful for all of you babes ++

Lavender Turtleneck from H&M (size L)
Lavender Wrap Dress from ASOS (old, will be selling in closet sale)
Lavender Ruffle Socks from Target
Lavender Velvet Platforms from EGOS shoes 

Photos courtesy of Sean McDonnell

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