Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Val Party

I love pulling outfit, fashion inspiration from so many different places. I'm going to try and make my Instagram more of a personal mood board, because I get asked all the time where my ideas come from. I take inspiration from films, music, video games, literally anything that sparks something for me.  Anything that sparks something in me and then I make it Brianna. I have always made my own clothing, thrifted, added things, bedazzled, feathered and changed stuff up because plus clothing was NEVER what I really wanted. To this day it still isn't. 

SO I was inspired by Clueless, The Heathers, Never Been Kissed and Charmed for this look. I love fashion that is extra af, just like I am. You know the outfit Cher wears to go to the Valley house party in Clueless, that is the vibe! The funny thing, is I live in the valley and I live two blocks away from Circus Liquor, where she was mugged in the film *CUTE*. 

I took a robe I found on DEBSHOPS site and I added two boas, I bought from yandy.com. 
Follow on Youtube babes!! I'm going to be creating more videos, let me know what you would like to see! ++

Velvet Dress is Thrifted
Sheer Feather Robe is DIY
Leopard Heels from Nordstrom Rack 

photos courtesy of Coco

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