Sunday, May 14, 2017


Today is the day my Closet Sale goes live! Tonight, Sunday May 14th at 6pm PST, my online closet sale will go live! I'm selling 100+ items all sized between 1x-3x and size 14-20. Shipping EVERYWHERE! 

I will like the store below! Click and shop, today after 6pm pst! Set your alarms! I'll also be on Instagram Live tonight at 6pm PST! So join, shop and let's sell out!

photos above are all items on sale! ++

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

#BEinyourskin Bikini Lookbook 2017

Bikini Lookbook

I meet a lot of women who tell me they're inspired by my blog, social media and that is so flattering but the truth is I am you. I am that girl still working towards loving herself, still working on being the best me, still navigating life's ups and downs. We are the same, we're all on this journey. This body positive, self love, confidence, life journey. I get emotional doing these bikini lookbooks because I put on a bikini for the first time two years ago, for the first bikini lookbook. I never got into blogging for the money, the following it was always for the little girl in me who needed to see women like myself. I know she would be proud. I don't think I ever thought I would get to this point in my self love journey. I never thought I would be wearing a string bikini in public, shit I don't think I could have done it even a year ago. I owe this one to you guys, the people who keep me going and keep me pushing myself because we deserve it. We deserve to love the skin we're in now. Not when we lose weight or when we fall in love or when we've tightened up at the gym, NOW. I promise to keep pushing myself as long as you all do the same with me. Push yourself to have the most fulfilling life, never counting yourself out because of your insecurities, never holding yourself back because you feel you aren't worthy. Let's do this for us, for the little girls in us who needed to see ourselves and for the little girls growing up today who do need this #BEinyourskin

Hot Pink String Bikini c/o Curvy Beach
Instagram @curvybeach

Snakeskin Bikini from Boohoo
Mesh Bodysuit from Forever 21

Striped Bikini from Walmart

Babe Tee from Forever 21+
Tie Up Bottoms from Forever 21+

Photos Shot by Logan Allison
Makeup by Michele Miguel (
Instagram @michele_jubilee

Photos Edited by Tony Geronimo (@tonyshazamm

Video shot by Logan Allison
Edited by Myself 

Thank you all! 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


I'm totally procrastinating and should be packing for my Miami trip, I leave tomorrow at 5:30am. SEND HELP! I haven't packed one thing. It's about to be a bomb girls weekend, follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (briannamcdonn on snap). I'm going to try and post more for you all!

I had to show you all this look. I'm obsessed with a body suit, mesh dress and a snatched corset. It's so simple and such a look! Should I bring this to Miami?! I got this olive mesh dress from Fashion Nova. If you want to get the look, use my discount code BWORDXO.

Have an amazing weekend babes! It's Wednesday, Brianna chill haha ++

Olive Mesh Dress c/o Fashion Nova
Camo Corset from
Bodysuit from Torrid

photos courtesy of @cocoscurvycloset