Monday, August 7, 2017

The Body

We made it through week one! I'm extremely overwhelmed by the out pour of love and support! Thank you all so much and now we move into week two,

The Body

It wasn't until I really started to look at myself mentally, spiritually, that I started to claim my physical body. I was always big, plus size, always. So my body was always up for discussion growing up, was always something that made me unique. I think because so many people focused on it growing up, my parents, doctors, strangers, peers, that I ignored it. My body just was. I didn't feel in it, or anything about it other than, this is different. My body is different. I was made to feel that it wasn't quite right. 
I started blogging three years ago and I don't even know if I was completely comfortable in my physical form even then. With the endless support from my friends and family, and the need to share myself in the blogging space, I continued to put myself in front of the camera. I started to see how I liked to pose, how I liked to see my body. My body became less something I hid under flattering clothing and something I shared proudly. My body became my art. By looking at myself through a lens, I started to see my "flaws" and instead of shying away from them, I fully embraced them. I embraced my body how it is now,  right this very moment, because it has gotten me through so much.  My body is perfect. My body is strong. My body is me. 

I remember a conversation I had with myself around 15 years old. After years of trying every diet, unsuccessfully, I was exhausted. I was tired of hating my body. I was tired of trying to hid my stomach, wearing cardigans to hid my arms, embarrassed over my stretch marks. It was too hard. So I started working on body confidence. I started really, REALLY working on loving my body. Hating my body was too heavy a burden to bare.   

Taking the activities from last week and continuing to do so, here is a list of activities you can do to help fully embrace your body. We have so many ideas and social constructs tied into how we talk about our bodies. This week we are focused solely on the physical form of the body. 

List of Activities to Try: 

1. Decorate Yourself

I have always loved fashion, the fantasy of fashion editorial and the creative outlet of styling. I always had a unique sense of style. I saw dressing as a costume, as a way to express the person I wanted to be that day. I really found my confidence through fashion, hence The B Word. I'm a big fan of taking the extra time in dressing if that's something you love. Put the extra moment in the morning to make yourself feel special, to make you feel like a warrior queen! If that's full hair and makeup, that's amazing. If it's not, that's amazing too. Take the moment to put together something that makes you feel amazing. Somedays, for me, it's pink feathers and other days it's a big hat. Either way I feel confident and the most myself.

2. Take More Photos

Take more FULL body pictures. Put yourself in front of a camera. Look at yourself. This is how I started to see myself. I started to really look at myself in photos and started to embrace my body fully. I used to see photos of myself and think that's not what I look like. I wasn't spending time looking at myself in the mirror or at all. Then when I started blogging and seeing hundreds photos of myself from every angle. I embraced every angle because I truly saw myself, I saw my body and I reclaimed it. I reclaimed it, owned it and grew a love for my body that couldn't be taken away from me. Us plus size women shy away from full body photos, but reclaim that and TAKE photos that show your whole body.

3. Realize Your Power

Your body is so incredibly powerful. Your body carries you through life. The ups, downs and the in between. When you think about the colds, pains, heartaches and the amazing moments how can you still hate your body? Your body is magic, pure magic. Realize that the body is so powerful, you are so powerful. 

4. Scare Yourself

Do something that scares you. Do something that makes you get outside of your thoughts about your body. Do something where you aren't focused on your body. Sky dive, dance in public, wear an outfit that you've always wanted to, have sex with the lights on and realize that you did it, you made it through and your body was a non issue. So many times people hold themselves back because of their bodies. We can do anything. So scare yourself, do something that you held yourself back from because of your body. 


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