Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Purpose

This is one of my favorite themes, if not my favorite. The purpose, which to me translates to passions, things you have to do, are meant to do and how you can change the world. I have always, ALWAYS been extremely passionate about art, music, theatre, fashion, culture and changing the world. I'm talking from a really young age I was obsessed with Barbra Streisand records, Judy Garland films, Vivienne Westwood fashion and feminism. I always wanted to inspire and empower people. I was always passionate about inspiring women to live their best lives and have everything they wanted from life. To me this is my purpose. 

I have always felt the most confident when I was doing things I loved. From the womb, I was a performer. Constantly singing, acting, dancing while doing nothing at all. I would perform full musicals with myself for myself, and I was never happier. I pursued a degree in musical theatre. The stage is home. I get intense nerves and every time I think, I'm never doing this again and then I go out on stage and that's it. It's a wrap. I'm my best self. 

Throughout my couch conversation series, everyone I've spoken to has had the same response. When do you feel most confident? In their own words, when I'm doing something I'm passionate about. This week I want to look at people's passions as a way to find purpose. I want to encourage anyone with a dream to pursue it. If I didn't have passion, I don't know who I would be. I am nobody without my passions, nobody if I'm not working in line with my purpose. I want that for all of you! A focus, drive and need to wake up every morning to do whatever that is that makes you whole. 

This weeks purpose driven activities:

1. Passions
Everyone has purpose. I know this to be true. We all different gifts, different ideas, different things that wake us up in the morning. When you forget about the things we have been told to do, what do you love to do? What makes you feel alive? Make a list of these things that you're passionate about. This list will lead to your purpose. I love performing, break that down I love story telling. I love story telling to create connections with people, so people feel less isolated. Story telling is the key to humanity for me. This is why I pursue my art, my passions with the purpose of connecting and telling human stories. Your passions are the road map to your purpose.

2. Do Something New
We get in a routine as humans, easily. We see the same people, do the same things, eat the same foods. Life is so much greater than that. Try something new, try something different, you never know you may love it. I find that confidence is right outside your comfort zone, so push yourself. Life is meant to be lived!

3. Meditate 
When I feel lost, confused or unsure I look within. The answer might not come right away but clearing my head, breathing and asking for clarity is always a good start. Taking 5 minutes a day, or when you can to just breath, has helped me in so many situations. 

4. Go For It
You know that dream you've always had, go for it. That thing you convinced yourself was too big to attempt, go for it. The thing that you think about a lot, go for it. The thing your family convinced you not to try, go for it. People fail everyday and they get up. People make it everyday, why not you? Why don't you deserve to live the life you always dreamed of. GO FOR IT. You're worth it. You are enough. You got this. Plot, Hustle, Repeat. 


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