Friday, December 29, 2017

12 Days of #OOTD

I've gone missing. I've been completely MIA from this platform, MY platform. You all know, I'm always trying to be better, do better and out do myself so I've been reflecting a lot on how I want to continue The B Word. The B Word will always be a thing, Brianna is The B Word and The B Word is Brianna. The team and I have been discussing and I've been thinking a lot about what I want to create in the new year and how do we want to present it to you! Just know we're always working.

In the past few months we've sold #BEinyourskin calendars, B Word Merch, done two #BEinyourskin photoshoot experiences, a closet sale and just about a million other things. It's been insane! The #BEinyourskin photoshoot experiences have been so fulfilling. I love styling, I love creating shoot concepts and allowing women who want to have a photoshoot experience to come and do so has been amazing!

We also did a photo series I've wanted to do for the past couple years but could never got it together, The 12 Days of #OOTDs! I took twelve pieces of clothes and mixed them into twelve outfits, posting one a day. Shot them all in one day and I wanted to share them here, with where I got each piece. This wasn't sponsored, I purchased each piece so we're all on the same page. I'm posting all twelve below and you let me know what one's your favorite! 

Babes! I hope you have an amazing holiday season and I KNOW we all, WE ALL, will continue to kick ass, break down barriers and create the life's of our dreams in 2018. I know this for me and I know this for you. There isn't a secret other than trusting, believing in the vision and putting action to it. It's ours, 2018!! ++

Item #1: Striped Shirt Dress from Boohoo

Item #2: Strappy Bralette from Charlotte Russe

Item #3: Printed Skirt from ASOS

Item #4: Emerald Moto Jacket from Forever 21

Item #5: Emerald Turtleneck Dress from Fashion Nova

Item #6: Striped Button Up from Nordstrom Rack

Item #7: Mesh Turtleneck from Forever 21

Item #8: Sporty Joggers from Boohoo

Item #9: Ruffle Short from Boohoo

Item #10: Purple Turtleneck from Forever 21

Item #11: Ruffle Crop Top from Boohoo

Item #12: Dark Jeans from James Jeans

photos courtesy of Logan Allison 

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