Friday, May 25, 2018

#BEinyourskin Bikini Lookbook 2018

Keeping Up With the Jetsons

We're here! We've made it, to my fourth consecutive bikini lookbook. When I did the first one in 2015, actually the first time in my adult life  I wore a bikini, I had no idea we would be here. Blogging and sharing my life online has been incredible. It's come with a lot of extra work, worry about numbers/likes and engagement, which I hate BUT it has blessed my life with so many amazing people, opportunities and a path to a bigger passion and purpose. It isn't just about bikinis, or fashion for me it's about empowering and inspiring confidence in the people I come in contact with online or in person. It took a LONG time to come to a place of self love and confidence, while navigating this world with a fat body and I want people to know, they too can live their most confident life now. 

My passion of empowering confidence, perfectly meets my passion for creating, story telling and performing. Be it theatre, music, film, fashion photos, to me I'm creating a world. THIS is how we got to this years bikini lookbook theme. When an idea comes to me that I love, I can't let it go so I had to do this suburban alien theme. This is what I day dream about lol

If I, a fat woman, can get in a bikini and do full alien body paint. I expect to see you all in at least short sleeves and shorts this summer! It's a journey, lord do I know but push yourself. Push yourself to take the next step in loving your body and feeling your most confident because a life by your rules is worth it. Your best life is on the other side of confidence.

Thank you all for the endless love and support. It is an HONOR to share my ideas with you, parts of my life and my day dreams come to life ++

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Silver Bodysuit from Boohoo
Silver Sarong DIY
White Sunglasses from
Clear Earrings c/o ASOS
Male Swim shorts from ASOS

Yellow Monokini from
Yellow Sunglasses from
Pink Hologram Heels from Public Desire

Black Barberella Bikini from Boohoo
Star Earrings c/o

Creative Director and Styling Brianna McDonnell
Photographer Logan Allison
Makeup Artist Michele Miguel
Male Model Sam Baker
Assistant on Set Julia Haimowitz and Brooke Van Grinsven
Video Voice Over Daniel Guerrero 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dating Online While Fat

Hey blog fam ++

If you're not following me elsewhere I wanted to share my latest video with you! Written and directed by myself, featuring some of my favorite people. 

This is the next in the series, following Shopping While Fat, which has 2.3+ MILLION views on Facebook. INSANITY!! 

Please watch, comment and share on social media!! Hope you enjoy and can relate!!