Thursday, July 26, 2018

#BEinyourskin 31 Day Body Confidence Challenge

In six days, my favorite time of the year over on The B Word begins! For the fourth consecutive year, starting August 1st, is the #BEinyourskin 31 Day Body Confidence Challenge! This is a month where my blog and social channels focus on themes that build body confidence and self esteem. 

This year we're offering two paid options, for a more in-depth challenge, for those interested! 

Option A: $100/month
This includes:
-Access to a private platform where we can engage, respond and interact (Check
-An E-Workbook, that guides the #BEinyourskin Challenge
-Four, 1 hour webinars for each weeks topic
-3X the content!
-Brianna, from The B Word, as a couch

Option B: $19.99
This includes:
-The E-Workbook

Please message or email me ( if you're interested in JOINING!

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