Wednesday, August 15, 2018

#BEinyourskin Week Three: PHYSICAL

Week Three:

A 1994 survey found that “Young American girls ‘are more afraid of becoming fat than they are of nuclear war, cancer, or losing their parents’’’
(Tirosh, 2016 & Normandi and Roark 1999, 4).

I find that so many people struggle with the way they look. This is across genders, races, backgrounds, sexual identities, size and shape. We all have insecurities with our bodies. I grew up really hating my arms and my stomach. Most of my followers say they struggle with their bellies as well. I spent so much time covering those body parts, wearing spanxs, being uncomfortable, for what? To make other people more comfortable? To make myself seem smaller? To take up less room?? It all mattered so much until one day it didn’t. One day when I realized I was so much more than my physical form, that’s when my relationship with my body shifted.

There is so much pressure put on us by society to make our bodies fit a certain mold, a certain ideal. but we don’t look at the power of the body. The body is an everyday miracle. This body gets you places. This body gives you the ability to run, jump, play, laugh, be afraid, feel great, all by just existing. Isn’t that a “good” body? It was when I shifted my mindset around my body from being one that was unsatisfied to being grateful for where I am every single day, that my relationship with my body changed. When I realized that my worth depended on so much more than how my body looked, I felt free. It was then I could start looking at my soft belly and releasing the expectations I had on myself. I could look at my arms and love them for how the sagged, because these arms were strong and allowed me to do so much.

This week is about letting go of an ideal when it comes to our body. Again, to create our own narrative, not one that was sold to us. What does a body that works for you look like? How can I love the body I’m in today - more??

I can be everything I want to be in this body. I don’t have to wait to be a certain size or weight. I can be vast, be brilliant. I can take the space I deserve.

You can just be in your skin.

Activity #1:

Mirror Activity 

I do this activity quite often personally, and I have a Youtube video that can guide you as well!

Step One:

Step in Front of the mirror, set a timer for 2 minutes and look at yourself. This can be really hard, but really look at yourself, your body, all of you.

Step Two:

Pick Three Things you LOVE about your physical body. If you can’t think of things you love about your body, what are things you love about yourself.

Step Three:

Tell yourself, out loud, what you LOVE about yourself and why.


When was the first time you thought your body wasn't a good body??

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