Monday, August 6, 2018

Style For Everybody

Grow up plus size, I had to get really creative when it came to finding clothing I loved, clothing that fit and clothing that reflected my personal style. I grew up having to really search and look in places I wouldn't expect to find unique, cute pieces. When Talbots reached out to me, I immediately was taken back to shopping with my mom and grandma, stopping into stores I swore I couldn't find anything I would like and being pleasantly surprised by all the things I found and loved.

I have to be honest, when I'm looking for jeans, Talbots wasn't my first thought but like that young, plus size girl searching for fashion I wanted, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and fit of these Talbots pieces! Talbots has just launched their, "Style For Everybody" campaign and I couldn't agree more. I'm wearing the Plus Size Exclusive Denim Jegging in the Curvy Fit. These are not your inexpensive, thick thigh busting jeans. These jeans are such quality denim and the stretch is perfect. I also have a 34" inseam, being 6'0 tall and this length felt really great! Shop the whole look here:

Talbots' ultimate jeans style guide is perfect for any leg shape. I'm a big fan of skinny but sometimes I need to change it up with a more relaxed fit. Talbots is the go-to spot for plus denim, and I'm so excited I got to try these out. Here is a coupon for my babes!

If I would give any advice to my plus size people when it comes to looking for clothing we love, it's to be open to trying different stores, styles, sizes. Step outside your comfort zone and try, fashion is fun!

Links to what I'm wearing:

Plus Size Exclusive Denim Jegging in the Curvy Fit

Scallop Sleeve Top

This post is in collaboration with Talbots and Stylinity, but opinions are my own 


  1. Yessss! What a fun vintage moment! I’ve never tried anything from Talbots but I gotta go check them out!

  2. Thank you babe for the love and support!!!