Monday, September 3, 2018


Happy September!

I'm not going to lie this summer has been a little all over the place. We always think of summer as being relaxing, fun and it was those things but I honestly find it being one my most productive, work filled times. I find myself working so much during summer and fall that I'm begging for a break.

Now if you've been following me, even a little bit, you know I love fashion. You know I love editorial fashion. You know I love theatrical, show stopping, creative fashion. I have dreamed, YES little girl dreamed of going to New York Fashion Week. I always told myself, oh I'll go someday. I'll go someday when I'm famous, when I make it, I'll go. 

So fast forward to a summer full of work, stress over finance, moving, family, relationships shifting and I'm sitting in my new therapists office (a topic for another blog post lol, but GO, I highly suggest therapy) and NYFW party invites are coming to my email. I quickly look up flights because hmm maybe, ticket prices aren't bad. I text my friend, would you want to go? I text two of my costume designer friends, would you make me custom looks??

With that being said, I have some really exciting news! I'm going to New York Fashion Week! After that first text message, it was a go. I wouldn't say I'm a outrageously spontaneous person but I really do believe life needs to be lived and why work so hard, if you don't enjoy. 

SO I leave tomorrow and I am thrilled. I will be all over social media, so feel free to follow there for more updates. I hope you all are well and thank you so much for continuing to read, engage and allow me to be parts of your life's. 

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Orange Satin Set from Pretty Little Thing 
(I got a size 22 in both top and bottom, heard they run small and NO, both items ran big and I ordered up so I didn't love the fit but I would recommend trying Pretty Little Thing *NOT sponsored) 

Purple Tassel Earrings from Aldo
Leopard Heels from Nordstrom Rack